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About Caffélus.
"At Caffélus, we bring the distinctive flavor and craftsmanship of Dominican Republic coffee directly to your cup. Our artisanal coffee is grown in the fertile lands of Bani, Dominican Republic, where the tropical climate and the expert hands of our farmers bring it to life to exceptional coffee beans.We proudly carefully select the finest beans and bring them to our home in Charlotte, where our team of expert roasters works passionately to create blends that delight the most discerning palates. Every cup of Caffélus is the result of a meticulous and dedicated process, from harvest to roasting, that seeks to capture the very essence of Dominican coffee. Our mission goes beyond offering exceptional coffee; we are also committed to supporting coffee communities and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. We value every step of the process, from ethics at the source to the experience in your cup. Welcome to Caffélus, where every sip is an invitation to discover the richness and passion behind each Dominican coffee bean."

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Founder of Caffélus

Welcome to Caffélus, where passion for coffee meets excellence in every cup. Founded in September 2023 by young Dominican Eric Nivar, Caffélus is proud to offer a unique coffee experience that delights the senses and feeds the soul.

 Located in the vibrant heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, our company is rooted in the local community while reaching global horizons through our premium coffee imports. We strive to share the rich culture of Dominican coffee and beyond, providing our customers with a variety of flavors and aromas that celebrate the diversity of coffee-growing regions around the world.

 At Caffélus, we don't just sell coffee; We cultivate connections. We value each bean from its origin to its arrival in your cup, committing to promoting sustainable and ethical practices throughout our supply chain.

 Join us on this journey through the world of coffee, where every sip tells a story and every cup is an adventure. Welcome to Caffélus, where every morning begins with the aroma of success and the promise of an extraordinary day!