Discover the new Visa® Infinite Cards**

Caffélus is excited to inform its customers about our two new additions: the Caffélus Visa® Infinite Cards! One debit and one credit, designed to give you even more comfort and exclusive benefits.

 ### Benefits of Caffélus Visa® Infinite Cards

 1. **3% cashback on every purchase**: Get cash rewards on all your purchases of Caffélus and other selected products.

 2. **Exclusive features of Visa Infinite**: Enjoy a higher level of benefits, including bonus points or miles, annual reimbursements for travel expenses, access to airport lounges and more.

 3. **Extended Security and Protection**: With travel insurance coverage, protection against loss or theft of luggage and a lowest price guarantee for online purchases.

 ### Requirements for the Caffélus Visa® Infinite Credit Card

 - Being over 18 years.
 - Have purchased a product with us.
 - Social Security number.
 - Valid identification and address in the United States.
 - Exclusive card for American residents and citizens.

 ### Requirements for the Caffélus Visa® Infinite Debit Card

 - Being over 18 years.
 - Have purchased a product with us.
 - US passport or other valid document if you are a foreigner.
 - Employer Identification Number (EIN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITN) or Social Security Number.
 - Address and telephone number in the United States.

 ### No additional charges

 Our cards have no annual, monthly or minimum fees to open an account. Join the Caffélus Visa® Infinite experience and make the most of your purchases with us!
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